"Not for me", russian folk song

Not for me comes spring,
Not for me the river Don will spill.
There is a girl’s heart filled 
With delightful feelings - not for me.

Not for me flowering gardens,
In the valley blooming grove,
There nightingale meets spring,
It will sing - not for me.

Not for me murmuring brooks,
Flowing diamond streams,
There a maiden with black eyebrows,
She grows - not for me.

Not for me comes Easter,
At the table all relatives will gather,
Pour a glass of wine
This life is not for me.

Not for me the flowers bloom
The fragrant rose will fade
Pick a flower and it will whither
Such a life is not for me.

For me there is a piece of lead
Which will dig into my white body
And bitter tears will flow.
Such a life, brother, waiting for me.

Extreme digging potatoes

Донецк 14 09 2014 Обстрел Киевского и Куйбышевского районов Не для слабонервных!

Donetsk September 14, 2014 shelling by ukrainian army of the Kiev district and the Kuibyshev district in Donetsk. is not for the faint of heart!

Donetsk pensioners rock to Deep Purple as bombs drop in E. Ukraine.
M/S Buhtiyarov Anatoliy and Gladkov Nikolay playing Deep Purple on drums and accordion